Threats to politician is a threat on the democracy

– 74 percent of MPs have been subjected to threats, violence or harassment since the election in 1988.

– Among the MPs indicate more women than men that the victims – 80 percent against 69.

– Representatives of foreign origin say that they are exposed to a greater extent than those with a Swedish background.

– Threats, violence and harassment, according to the survey most common in the four northernmost counties together, and Skåne and Blekinge.

– Those who threaten are largely dissatisfied citizens, the mentally ill, local action groups and right-wing extremists, as the representatives said.

SOURCE: Survey of the National Committee sent to the candidates in the general elections in 2002.


Female politicians under death threats

”They called me a whore, and wrote that I would be hanged and burned.”

Ingalill Bjarte, socialdemocrat politician (s), got a letter in the mailbox. A letter that has bring her to live in fear over the last six months. It stated that she would be flown and that her house would be burned up.

Threat letters has been sent to her after she responded to a letter in a Skånska Dagbladet. Bjarte considered that the submission he was so xenophobic that the magazine was in danger of a notification for the incitement of hatred.

– My e-mail to the newspaper was published on the letters page, but it was my idea. Since it was only a few days before the first hotbrevet came, ”says Bjarte, according Skånskan.

In the letter, she was among other things called a whore who should live on water, bread and alcohol. In addition, the sender has taken out very personal information about her, for example, how much she earned a month.

– Also it was that I would be hanged and burned, ”she says.

Just a few days later a new letter arriwed. Bjarte are not sure about the second letter came from the same letter, but have noted that the handwriting was different. She was very badly affected by the threats and decided to turn to the police.

Will never be silenced

Bjarte is a well-known politicians in both Staffanstorps municipality and in Scania, which made the police took the threats seriously. Both the county and crime SÄPO connect and letters were sent on DNA analysis.

Although she avrådits from talking to the media, so she now speaks out about the horror she lived in the past six months. And she will never keep quiet.

– I am not afraid of me. Have they no joy to turn down a 62-year-old woman, they may well do so. I do not silenced in all cases, she said, according Skånskan.

Threats against women everyday

Today, threats by politicians happens everyday. The Swedish policy has become a tough arena, where it is difficult to be accepted. Especially if you are a woman. Young women gets taunt by colleagues because of lack of experience, and the inadequate by comments about their appearance.

Especially women at the local level say they are victims of threats or violence. According to a survey in 2004 indicated 23 percent of elected women in the prominent position that they threatened, according SKTF newspaper. ( A swedish trade union magazine)

– There may be racism as a reason, but there are also people who are against the fellow countrymen, which is integrated and becomes involved in the Swedish society. There are all variations, ”said Agneta Blom, former secretary of the National Committee, after an investigation a year ago, writes SR.

The results from the survey showed that 80 percent of female MPs being subjected to threats. Among the male low figure of 69 percent.


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