Demonstration for the future of SAAB

On Thursday their will be a demonstration march in Trollhättan for the SAAB car industry. Throughout Europe, demonstrating will take place among unions at General Motors industries.

It´s the swedish union IF Metall North Älvsborg and the Social Democrats who call for the demonstration march in Trollhättan on Thursday evening. Tonnie Andersson, chairman of the IF Metall Department says the department’s website:

– I do not think someone should stay home on Thursday evening. Everyone should come and show that there is a huge support for the future of the automotive industry.

– We in the IF Metall must manifest in order to secure jobs and for that we are behind the plan that Saab Automobile presented. I hope that all members will join and help by bring many others to join the march who may not be working on Saab, but realize that what happens now affects the whole of Trollhättan and much of the region around us.

On the manifestation participate the chairman of IF Metall,  Stefan Löfven, the Social Democrats’ economic spokesman Thomas Eneroth and labormarket spokesman Sven-Erik Österberg.
On the same day other GM unions in Europe mobilize actions against threats to their jobs. In a joint petition they say no to closures of factories and no to cut downs.

Instead, they want to see government credit guarantees, new business partners and a new management, in cooperation with governments, unions, vendors and employees to develop ”environmentally friendly, dynamic and innovative vehicles.

Do you need more information about the demonstration march, please contact Leif Håkansson, local trade union representative.

You can call him at the cellphone +4670580 80 63

Author. Harald Gatu, at the IF Metall membermagazine Dagens Arbete



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